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Record Shows

We do shows around the US but you can always catch us at the Lansing Record & CD Show, Kalamazoo Record Show, Clawson Record & CD Show and the big Ann Arbor Monster Record and CD show!! Contact me for info and location if you are interested!

Please visit recordshowsofamerica.com for further info on the locations of those shows or contact me directly at rerun45@rocketmail.com.

About Us

Rerun Records is a small home-based business that we have run now for 32 years. I started buying records and spending all of my allowance when I was 8 years old buying records at our two local stores that sold them. One of them even had the listening booths that were so popular back then! Oh my, am I dating myself! LOL

Contact Us

Rerun Records
PO Box 148
Chelsea, MI 48118

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